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Partial/DIY Wedding Coordination Services

Wedding Package

Starting at $ 3,220

Services Include

  • Initial Consultation

    • Meet with the couple to discuss their DIY wedding planning needs

    • Help the couple set realistic goals and expectation for their DIY planning process

  • Customized Planning Resources

    • Create a customized wedding planning timeline and checklist

    • Provide templates for vendor contact, budget tracking and other planning documents

    • Offer recommendations for vendors and venues based on the couple’s preferences.

    • Coordinate and assist with wedding decor

  • Regular Check-Ins and Guidance

    • Conduct regular check-in meetings to review progress and offer guidance

    • Assist with any challenges or roadblocks the couple encounters during the planning process

    • Offer advice on vendor negotiations and contract reviews

  • Wedding Day Coordination

    • Create a detailed wedding day timeline

    • Provide on-site coordination on the wedding day

    • Act as a point of contact for vendors and assist with last minute issues

  • Ongoing Support

    • Offer ongoing email or phone support to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the planning process

    • Available to troubleshoot any issues or concerns

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